Specializing in Old Growth, historic wood slabs with one of a kind features.

We painstakingly hand-select only the finest specimens, ensuring that every slab is a true masterpiece.

Our devotion to excellence extends to the very heart of our craft – our logs. We choose logs with qualities that set them apart from the rest, with a particular reverence for old growth trees that have naturally met their end.

This meticulous scrutiny guarantees that we offer the highest quality wood slabs available on the market today. Explore the unparalleled beauty and uniqueness that await you at Wolf Tree Wood.

Old Growth Verified

Unique, one of-a-kind time capsules going back hundreds of years. Breathtaking Collection of Old Growth exquisite wood slabs. Wolf Tree Wood searches around the country on a quest to find the logs that will produce the most beautiful, unique and wood slabs. Each hand selected wood slab in our inventory is independently age verified for authenticity.

Wood-Dry Certified™

Commitment to excellence is carved into every kiln-dried slab we offer through our Wood-Dry Certification process. Each and every slab in our collection is Wood-Dry Certified.  This happens by going above and beyond and creating the best drying process for each and every log.  Once the proper path has been determined, the slabs are loaded into the kiln for drying. Not just any kiln, but the pinnacle of wood drying technology – the best computerized vacuum kiln system available today. This ensures that the natural coloration and intricate details of our wood is preserved in the best way possible.

Tree-birth Certified™

Commitment to Nature is not just a catchphrase; it’s an integral part of who we are. At Wolf Tree Wood, we hold our Tree-birth logs in the highest regard, as they form the bedrock of our sustainability mission.  Wolf Tree Wood will never buy healthy trees cut down for profit.

Fans of WTW

“Wolf Tree Wood has such an incredible collection of slabs. Some of the most beautiful I have seen. I can’t wait to see a finished product. I really like that they don’t kill live trees.”

Deborah M.

“To walk through the shop with Sean was such a treat. His passion for wood and old growth forests is really cool. It is so impressive to see this wood collection. Thanks for showing it off.”

Jeff L.

“I am always on the hunt for unique wood and for my projects. When I saw the endless incredible woods slabs at Wolf Tree Wood. I was blown away. Truly special wood slabs. Really big pieces!”

John D.

The Most Beautiful Wood in the World with a science twist…

Welcome to Wolf Tree Wood, where our passion for old growth trees converges with the commitment to preserve their legacy through the thoughtful transformation of logs into exquisite wood products. Rooted in a deep appreciation for the majestic beauty of old growth forests, our company strives to harmonize the dual objectives of celebrating the unique qualities of precious wood and advocating for the preservation of these invaluable ecosystems.

Our journey unfolds with a profound understanding of the unparalleled appeal of old growth tight grain wood, adorned with intricate figuring patterns—a treasure trove for woodworking enthusiasts. At Wolf Tree Wood, we recognize the intricate dance between showcasing the inherent beauty of this exceptional wood and championing the preservation of old growth forests and trees.

Operating on two distinct fronts, our business side focuses on the procurement, processing, and global distribution of large wood slabs. Simultaneously, the Foundation aspect of our business, the Wolf Tree Wood Academy Foundation spearheads pioneering research on tree intelligence, driven by the dual purpose of saving trees and, ultimately, ourselves.

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